Chancellor’s Message

Yenepoya Civil Services Academy (YCSA) has been set up, with the vision that it should enhance the frontiers of knowledge in public policy and governance by imparting training to aspiring public servants. Enhancing leadership and managerial qualities on the one hand and developing a service orientation on the other are going to be the thrust areas of YCSA’s education and training goals.

The academy has been set up to equip aspiring Civil Servants with knowledge, skills and behavior, required to crack the highly competitive Civil Service examination as also managing the complex task of governance which they will have to confront in their career ahead by being a part of the civil service, youth will have to access to a myriad of opportunities in areas such as economic development, social services, secuirity and international relations I wish all the aspirants every success in their endeavors.


Director’s Message

Yenepoya Civil Services Academy is a flagship training initiative set up by the Yenepoya Group to support the knowledge base of aspiring Civil Servants by providing short and long term learning programs. The longer vision is to aid and assist government in reforming and re engineering Civil Services which has become ill suited to present needs and future reqirements. To quote U.S President Barack Obama “We want the next generation of leaders to have the experience of solving problems and building relationships across the Governments. Because, one thing that we have to acknowledge is that our government, statutorily was organized for the needs of the 1930’s or 40’s or 60’s and too often , we get stove piped at a time when we need people with different skills sets and different agencies to be working together". This message is relevant for India also. As our civil service was set up by Lord Cornwallis to help the British Government.

We are marching ahead into the 21st Century and we need a Civil Service, that can match with the times.”Change Bureaucracy Change India” is a slogan having deep implication in the above context. Yenepoya Civil Services Academy Hope to emerge as a major Think-tank in reforming the Civil Services, in addition to its core area of imparting training to Civil Service Aspirants.

Wishing all aspirants all success in their efforts to emerge successful in the Civil Services Examination.

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